Junior Infants-2nd class

June Project- Moana Corona and Me

I believe that every one of us should get the chance to write, illustrate and PUBLISH our own book at some point in our lives. So, that’s exactly what we are going to do! So, first things first:

 There’s 24 of us and we’re all really far apart so, instead of trying to write 24 separate books, we’re going to work together and make one BIG book.

 I thought really hard about this and decided that, since we’re all in lockdown because of Coronavirus, why not write a book about that.

 Then, my brain went into overdrive – what to call it?

 Then it came to me ‘Moana Corona and Me’

 So, I’ve ordered the kit, you’ll each get your two pages – one on which to write about your adventure with Mona and one for your


 Ill arrange a pick up and drop off date at the school:

 pick up June 15 th any time after 11a.m. I’ll be there.

 drop off through school letterbox any time after that but before June 29 th

 I’ll then send all your amazing creativity pages to the publisher and in about three weeks they’ll send back a hard back copy of our very own book?

 Imagine every child in the Junior Room will be a published author for real!!!!!!!!

 Now, in the meantime, could you please start planning your book – root out a pencil, jot down ideas, practice your writing, practice

your drawing, get your Moana on!!!

 Check out https://studentreasures.ie/#ideas for more details.

A message to parents from Mrs.Kelly

Starting out, it has to be said, you are doing a great job. How do we know this? Well, you are all still alive and healthy. That’s a great start. We are living through strange and unusual times. School is a huge part of our daily lives and it has been taken from us and with it, the structure of our days. But, it is what it is and we move forward. The first thing you need to know is that you are not ‘teachers’ in the formal sense, therefore no one expects you to teach your child to the standards of Department of Education and Skills. The ‘cigire’ will not be paying you an incidental visit. So relax. However, you have been teaching your child since the day they were born so you do know what you are doing; in this ‘new normal’ you are the expert, so trust yourself.

On a daily basis, I need you to try to do a little bit of the following:

 A little bit of English – read, read, read, talk, talk, talk (Cheeky Chatters for the little ones, if you’ve run out of assigned tasks, make up your own)! For all – simple conversation doesn’t require special ‘set aside’ time – we do it all the time.

 A little bit of Maths – they have their copies/books/Oral Folders – and tables, that’s it! Again you can be doing this throughout the day, How many people do we have for dinner, can you set the table for that number?

 A little bit of PE – they have their Super Troopers, but you could just as easily have your little darling do three laps of the house/garden/sheds.

 A little bit of Irish – they have their verb list (FN) in their Oral Folders – with these verbs they can say anything – keep the verb at the start of the sentence and off you go! Also TG4 is launching a half hour slot every morning from 10 to 10:30. I know it’s pitched to Gaelscoileanna and Gaeltacht schools, but please don’t let that put you off. There is nothing more beautiful than hearing Irish or any language spoken and you will be surprised by how much you understand.

 A little bit of what you fancy – laundry, cooking, cleaning, painting, gardening, disciplining, gaming, listening to the radio, just being… There is no right or wrong in this. By doing the things you do normally and including your child you are hitting all curricular areas – Maths, English, Irish, SPHE, PE, Music, SESE, Drama – there’s nothing more dramatic that a good row, Religion – my mother frequently invoked the help of the holy trinity of ‘Jesus, Mary and Joseph’ in her efforts to raise us. So you see, our daily lives are an education in themselves. So have confidence in yourselves!

The Padlet links below have excellent online resources for every subject- very handy!

Juniors/Seniors https://padlet.com/ffarry1/jnrsnr

1st/2nd https://padlet.com/ffarry1/firsec

Take care

Mrs K