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Hi folks,

  • Confirmation- Confirmation for 5th and 6th class will now take place on Saturday 25th of July in Ferns Cathedral at 2pm. 5th and 6th class pupils, their families, their grandparents (if they wish) and sponsors will only be in attendance. It will be a smaller but no less significant occasion. I will be in touch with 5th and 6th class parents with more details in the coming weeks.
  • Communion- First Holy Communion will take place in September. No date has been decided for this yet but I will be in touch with 2nd class parents as soon as I have word.
  • Return to school- As I said in the previous post, we are planning and very hopeful there will be a full return of pupils on August 26th, while preparing for all scenarios. The situation with social distancing is evolving all the time, and we are looking at all possibilities for how we will provide the best education for our pupils if there is a limit on the number of pupils able to attend school every day. As soon as it is feasible, I will provide parents with a plan for the different scenarios which could occur, so parents can put in place contingency plans for childcare etc. The health and safety of everybody will be at the forefront of all these plans.

  • Zoom- Zoom for 6th class graduation practice will take place next Tuesday 23rd at 10am. Click on this link:.

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  • Zoom for 5th class will take place next Tuesday 23rd at 10.30am. They will need their maths worksheets. Click on this link:

Topic: 5th class

Time: Jun 23, 2020 10:30 AM Dublin

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Meeting ID: 347 896 0146

Password: 4cGWnE

  • Zoom for 4th class will take place next Tuesday 23rd at 11.00am. They will need their maths worksheets. Click on this link:

Topic: 4th class

Time: Jun 23, 2020 11:00 AM Dublin

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  • Zoom for 3rd class will take place next Tuesday 23rd at 11.30am. They will need their maths worksheets. Click on this link:

Topic: 3rd class

Time: Jun 23, 2020 11:30 AM Dublin

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Meeting ID: 347 896 0146

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Kind regards



  • 6th class graduation will take place on Wednesday 24th June at 6.30pm. It will take place in the school yard. The graduation will be for 6th class and their families only. Pupils will need to wear their school uniforms. Social distancing rules will be in place at all times. Thank you to the school P.A. for their help organising this.
  • Book rental: We are organising books for next year so I would appreciate it if all senior room pupils could double check to see if they have school rental books at home. Any books can be dropped back in through the school letterbox.
  • School Jumpers:The deadline to order school jumpers for next year is next Tuesday 23rd June.
  • If anyone else needs to drop in or collect anything in the office Mrs.Murphy will be there from 5.30pm on the night of the graduation.
Tombrack Active Week June 2020

New Challenge -Run around Ireland!!!

June is usually a month of active tours, sports days, soccer, GAA, rounders and lots of activity, so we have decided to take inspiration from the Active Schools Challenge “Run Around Ireland”. We have talked with the other schools and we are joining forces with all the schools in the Ferns parish to complete this challenge!

We are all restricted in our movement at the minute, so while we can’t get to these places, we can “virtually” run to them.

Our collective task is as follows: Record the distance of your walks/runs/cycles or scoots and send them in to us. We will add all efforts together to visit as many of these places around Ireland. This includes all the boys and girls, staff and parents (as long as you did the walk/run/cycle/scoot with your child). It doesn’t matter whether it is a walk to the shop, laps of your back garden, cycling up and down your driveway or scooting around your estate, just record the approximate distance travelled.

We are using Ferns Castle as our starting point on our journeys and our task is to try and tick all of the destinations off of our list. All distances were measured using AA Route Planner, so should be accurate.

How can I record my runs/walks etc? Good question. Some of you may have smartwatches which will record the distance. Some may choose to use a mobile with an app such as Strava/Map My Run to record distance. Using Map My Run/Google Maps on a computer is another suggestion, which could be an opportunity to explore distances to local places with your child, using their online measuring tool. You could estimate your distance either. Whatever works for you!

Three of us went for a walk, does just one distance count? Nope, all 3. Just send in your total distance for the three of you!

Where do I send it to? Simply fill in the simple Google form below. This form will also be on our website homepage. You can fill the form in every day, every few days or every week!

How long will the challenge last? The whole month of June!

What about photos? If you would like, you can send in photos from the challenge and we can share them on our twitter account! tombrackns@gmail.com

We will update the distances travelled regularly on here and our twitter page. Please send us the distances using the google form, every single meter will help!

As we tick off the places on the list, we will post information about the specific destinations. No harm in learning more about our beautiful country while we do this activity. Some of you may have visited some of these places, others you might not have heard of.

Not only will we be keeping active during this challenge, the destinations tie directly in with many parts of our History and Geography curriculum, as well as tieing in maths, through measuring distances etc.

Be active and Stay Safe

Mr Kenny

Run Around Ireland
Tale of the SnailsToday in the garden I found a snailAnd then I found one moreMy brother Glen found another oneAnd then we had four!
We put them on the picnic benchTo see what they could doLook the little ones head is peeping outAnd the big ones bum is too!
I wonder what will happen themWhen we go to bed?Maybe the birds will gobble them upOr they might run away instead!
By Leah MillarJunior Infants

SkylineI was driving in my skyline In a zoom class onlineI sdtopped at the carwashTo clean my skyline in the sunshine
Later that dayI drove my 206 GTIi got pulled upBy a Golf TDI
By Harry McMullen6th class

The BeeI am smallPeople are bigI can get squashedSo I will sting
I am a beeI like to buzz through the skyBecause it's very highBut only when the sun is in the sky.
By Conor McMullen3rd class

Farming Simulator 19I am playing Farming Simulator 19, and I'm spraying, it's raining.I'm drawing the trailer going side to side. I'm balling in the night it will soon be bright,
I'm ploughing and it's rough, the tractor is not giving up.It's time to go home now, to have a little sleep.Off goes the alarm, Off I go again.To get some work done, before the time will come.
By Conor Mc Dermott4th class
Sweet and SourHyper hyper too much sugar Hyper hyper can not stopToo much sugar too much sweet Your blood rushes to your head you fill with sugar it's, its a SUGAR RUSH….Spice Spice to much spice The sweet has dropped to my feet The Sourness takes over my head Oh it cannot be stoppedOh how painful it is HELP HELP I NEED MILK It's SO SOUR SO SO SOURTHE SUGAR HAS DROPPED THE SOUR HAS RISEN :Which do you prefer SWEET or SOUR?!!
By Sabrina Moorehouse3rd class
TreesTrees are all around usThey can be short they can be tallThey grow in different sizesBig, short, round and small!
In winter the leavesAll fall to the groundThey flutter down gentlyWithout making a sound
Soon Spring arrivesAnd the leaves start to budSoon they will coverThe branches like a hood!
By Jodie Plummer3rd class
TreesI wonder how it feels to be a tree ? Do trees talk do they walk? Are they hollow and can they swallow? I wonder why people cut down trees ? Does it hurt does it sting do they feel anything? Do they feel like they are pushed by the wind when they fall down ? I wonder does it hurt their crown? I wonder do they like bugs? Or would they like one of my hugs? Do they know how important they are?If you climb to the top you could probably touch a star!!! Saorise O’Neill 3rd class
Spider FightsHello there Mr.SpiderWith your Spider LegsHaving Spider FightsWith your Spider Friends
I find you on my pillowIn the middle of the nightWith a spidery attitudeThat says you want to fight
I don't mind you sneaking inBut I have to kick you outWhile wandering around at night You will crawl into my mouth
When you get evicted Out into the nightWill another spider let you in?Or will there be a fight?
Who's the meanest spider That you ever fought?Did he have an extra legThat you haven't got?
You have superpowersBut you don't have any rightsSo get out of my lovely houseAnd have some Spider Fights
By Mr Kenny